The Impact of Mental Health and Wellbeing on Effective Learning and Teaching: A Practical Guide for Those Responsible for Learners  (Book 1) and (Book 2)

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A set of two, compact, practical books containing advice, reflective tasks, concise background information and online resources on all aspects of mental health and wellbeing among both learners and teaching colleagues in any learning environment (including schools, colleges, universities, community and business settings). It is aimed at teachers, lecturers and trainers who work with learners of any age who may have challenges that affect their personal wellbeing and learning.

Book 1 Contents

Chapter 1        The complexities of learning

Chapter 2       Contextual factors

Chapter 3       Resilience

Chapter 4       Behaviour problems

Chapter 5       Continence

Chapter 6       Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Chapter 7       Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Chapter 8       Eating disorders

Chapter 9       Self-harm

Chapter 10      Separation, divorce and reconstituted families

ISBN 978-1-909675-05-6

Book 2 Contents

Chapter 1        Stress

Chapter 2       Anxiety

Chapter 3       Social anxiety disorder

Chapter 4       Depression

Chapter 5       Serious mental illness

Chapter 6       Post-traumatic stress disorder

Chapter 7       Substance misuse

Chapter 8       Grief and loss

Chapter 9       Work-life balance

Chapter 10      Developing support for colleagues

ISBN 978-1-909675-06-3

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Mental Health and Well-Being in the Learning and Teaching Environment

This book explores the synergy between the academic disciplines of mental health and education and focuses on both learners and those who teach. The book also explores a collaborative approach between the health and education professions in examining mental health and wellbeing issues within learning and teaching contexts. The chapters encourage teachers, lecturers and trainers to deal with their stress and also their learner mental health and behaviour problems faced every day. It also explores the complex dynamic found in education settings, between those who are taught, those who teach, and those who manage.

ISBN 978-1-909675-02-5     400 pp | 72 illustrations

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